Amari’s story as told by Erin Loehr and Alyssa Reisinger   I started dating this guy in my junior year of high school when he was a year above me. I went to a boarding school for my last two years, and that’s where we met. There were obviously some warning signs in the beginning […]

What Love is Not

Kiara’s story as told by Katrina Brown and Megan Caldwell   It all started a few years ago. It was my junior year of high school, and I was 16 years old. Everyone thought I was so cool to talk to him. He was one of the most popular guys in school: athletic, played football, […]

Take Me Seriously

Sarah’s story as told by Kimmi Beard and Natalie Kuss   When you think of abuse, you think of a couple and they have kids, and you think that he is physically abusive all the time, repeatedly, and the kids see it and there’s, like, a split and he like harasses her, you know. It […]

Even My Best Friend

Shayna’s story as told by Kimmi Beard   It took me years to realize that I had been sexually assaulted. It blew my mind to actually put a name to it. That’s why I wanted to share my story, because no one ever told me growing up that even if you “like it”, if you […]

The “Love” of a Leach

Pam’s story as told by Robert Hunt and Ammity Means   When I was in high school, maybe like a sophomore or so, this boy, Jerry, really caught my attention. He always looked tired. He was 6’4” and back then he wasn’t huge; he was just really tall and thin. Jerry would come to school […]